You probably have not heard about Promo Black Box yet because the Official Launch is to be May 1st 2007.

What is Promo Black Box?

It will represent the State of The Art in Internet Marketing and Training. This unique package of tools with powerful proprietary software programs developed by EDC and In Touch Media will allow you to excel at search engine marketing. If you want to know about Top Promo Du Mois please read this article.

The promo black box will have smart web sites that will adjust to each new search engine visitor in real time then have then you will instantly communicate with your potential customer through an automated promo systems that dramatically increases their closing rates. Pretty neat to say the least.

Promo Black Box will also provide users, marketing and advertising training delivered two to three times a week. During these training sessions top executives from EDC and In Touch Media Group will conduct the internet webinars on a variety of subject matters to help you grow your business.

Promo Black Box sign-up costs are $495 which the EDC distributor keeps (the retail value of the software in the basic offer alone is over $2500). There is a monthly ongoing charge for access to the Promo Black Box training center. The cost for the basic program is $95, and the premium package is $295.

EDC distributors will also be provided a Promo Black Box marketing center to help promote this system. There will be no distributor cost for the marketing center. Promo Black Box is part of the EDC Gold & Easy Daily Cash packages and is only available to them.

What is also interesting is that EDC Members will also be receiving ONGOING RESIDUAL INCOME: Each time an EDC distributor signs up a Promo Black Box customer, In Touch Media Group will have a tracking system for that account and members will continue to earn 5% every time your client buys anything from ITMG.

O.K. Who is Intouch Media the developers of this software?

IN touch Media was founded by Bob Cefill and is one of the very few Companies that are Certified by Google to be in the Top 25 Google Advertising Companies.

The only thing is will people actually use these tools or will it just be another hyped up product?

Overall I think this is a program to watch and for the millions of people who simply have no clue how to market there product online this will be beneficial to them.