Combination of financial data with non-financial KPIs

- Inadequate performance of    csgo cheats  reports, transaction systems including ERP are not reporting systems (the main tasks of transaction systems are to gather and process data), 

- Further data analysis

- Other reporting and planning features.

It is reasonable to include ERP in DWH. Reports are much quicker and have more functionalities.

There are two types of situations. ERP can export data to a house DWH/BI solution, from the same vendor example SAP (BW), or can export data to an independent DWH/BI solution. Both cases have advantages and disadvantages. If ERP data is exported into an integrated DWH/BI solution, data flow is better optimized and needs less deployment and maintenance. The second solution is usually better from the perspective of overall functionalities, Sybase, Hyperion, SAS, Cognos and etc., but introduces significant one more step to be maintained.