Margarine is traditionally produced by the hydrogenation of vegetable oils such as palm oil, canola oil, rapeseed oil, and safflower oil. Being a cheaper alternative to butter, it is widely used in the industrial-scale production of bakery products, which may allow manufacturers to lower the prices of their final products. With characteristics that are similar to butter, margarine improves the texture and stability of various bakery products, such as cakes, flaky pastries, cookies, biscuits, and croissants. Moreover, it is convenient to use and has a high shelf life. Margarine has less saturated fat content compared to butter. Moreover, it is free from any animal-derived ingredients. Nowadays, manufacturers are providing margarine that is free of palm oil, which is increasing their appeal among consumers.

A few players operating in the industrial hard margarine market are Vandemoortele NV, Bunge Ltd, Puratos NV, NMGK Group of Co, Fuji Oil Co Ltd, Wilmar International Ltd, Nubeser Soluciones SLU, Cardowan Creameries Ltd, AAK AB, and Eccelso Ltd among few others.

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