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EA Sports said that it will continue to focus its investment on FIFA 22 and Madden NFL 22 in Volta Football and The Yard, so it is unlikely to revitalize the street series. But we can now turn our attention to this flagship football simulation game, because the performance of the Volta Football mode is satisfactory enough.

First of all, the goal of FIFA 22 Volta Football will be all about tekkers, as we can see from the official Pitch Notes. In order to double your FIFA 22 Coins score, you need to work harder to try flair moves like nutmegs and wall passes to get more points. We can also see a huge change to the traditional rules. If a player uses enough skills in a single possession, he can even get 4 points at once.

In order to choose an iconic ability for your character, you need to first create your own avatar in Volta Football. After the creation is successful, the ability for players to choose can enable you to shoot with more power, move faster, or initiate devastating shoulder barges. It seems that EA Sports drew a lot of inspiration from competitors when designing the game, because these capabilities sounded to mimic the takeover in NBA 2K22.

In addition to the standard duel, there is also a new Arcade, where mini games like Foot Tennis and Dodgeball can be played. This may be the coolest place in Volta Football this year. These mini games make FIFA 22 look very interesting. But this year's single player campaign will be cancelled, so if you want to unlock a lot of cosmetic rewards, you need to participate in more online games, such as season matches.

This can't help but make players full of expectations, because EA is providing a good game experience for FIFA fans in ways other than the Ultimate Team mode. It can Buy FIFA Coins be said that the performance of the new Volta Football in FIFA 22 is very outstanding, both in terms of visual effects and gameplay have left a deep impression on players, but it should be. At that time, we may unknowingly put in a long game time for this, if the game is officially released as good as it looks. Of course, Ultimate Team has always been the core of the FIFA series and the most popular mode among players. What I would like to recommend to you is UTnice, which can provide you with a lot of help in the Ultimate Team, such as cheap FIFA 22 Coins. After you purchase FUT 22 Coins from UTnice, you can receive your products as soon as possible.

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