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Actually, I have an additional thought to RuneScape Gold add to the discussion. Scale Theory could be made to apply to all places around the world. Draynor Manor represents the actual size, while Draynor Village represents a fraction. Draynor Village is about the same size as a village, however, the Clan Camp is too large relative to the size of Falador. There are other instances.

It's not logical to expand on a reasonable scale except during quests. Either you have lots of space (forests that I mentioned earlier), or you don’t. Draynor Manor and Clan Camp are two massive objects that aren't a good fit in the already cramped F2P.

Runescape is a game that has received five criticisms. The criticisms were voiced outside the Runescape community and to the wider gaming community. The graphics are terrible. This problem has been mostly solved. The graphics are decent for a game on the web. Lots of hackers and scammers. Jagex's tireless efforts made areas in the wilderness foolproof.

The fight is dull. The combat is boring. It's not fun to click a goblin and waiting 2 minutes for it to die. EoC allows for this to be more fluid and dynamic, while still allowing for little interaction. The bots are everywhere. A little improved... The game is really grindy. Even for an MMO.

That is the worst thing. It's the time required to build abilities. Let's take two modern MMOs that are well-played: Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2. It took around 150 hours to max out the capacity of Buy OSRS Accounts a SWTOR character. The Guild Wars 2 character maxed out in 36 hours. No exploits.

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