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The Druid's Bidding. Skill OSRS GP Requirments:Level 65 Herblore, Prayer at Level 35, Level 35 Magic and the ability of defeating 2 level-196 Demon and 1 Level 198 Boss. Quest Requirements: Solar Diplomacy and Priest in Peril. Nature Spirit and Wolf Whistle. Talk to an old Druid on Solar Isle to start your quest. An Old Druid"Hello young adventurer. Good morning Druid. Welcome Druid.

In actuality, I require your help to run some necessary errands. Yes, that's possible. Fantastic. Now, take this book to my friend Drezel. Drezel tells me that you have assisted him before, so you should be aware of how to locate Drezel. Go to Drezel near the Holy Portal. Oh, hello there (Player Name). What can I assist you with?

I was told by the Old Druid of Solar Isle to give you this Scroll. Salen tried to reach me. If that is his name then yes. You can give Drezel the Scroll. The message needs to be returned to Drezel. Return to Salen by Solar Isle Have you handed over my scroll to Drezel? Yes, I have. He handed me the scroll to give it to you.

Fantastic. Now I'm begging you to get me a clean Sarui Herb. They only thrive within the vicinity of swaying trees. Where that is, I have forgotten. I believe I know where to find it. Go to the Swaying tree and select the Suspicous Bush, return to Salen.

Before you give the herb to him, make sure you cleanse it. Did you hand me the herb? It's here. I now need an empty vial. The next step is to find Holy Water. There is only one way. Bring a vial to the River Salve. The vial can be used with water. Talk to the Nature Spirit to make it enchant. Visit Drezel and speak with Drezel to bless the vial. You are the proud owner of a vial of holy water!

Are you a Christian? Here's OSRS gold the answer. Great job. Now I need a number 8 summoning shards. I believe Pikkupstix on Tavelry has some. I am sure I know what you are talking about. Hello, (Player Name). How can I help? I require 8 summoning Shards to Salen. I and him have a long way to go. You can take them home for free.

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By Skyzhay
Added Nov 25 '21



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