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If you created a character in the game when New World was first released and have been adventurous all the time, you should have reached the level cap by now. Two months is enough time for most players to get enough XP. After reaching the level cap, your next goals should be those more difficult challenges, such as Expeditions. This means that your team needs a tank. In any case, the team needs a shield that can take a lot of damage to create space for other DPS to attack. One of the differences between New World and other games is that there is no specific level for the character. The skills you can use and the abilities you obtain depend entirely on the types of weapons you use. If you don’t know what kind of New World Coins weapons are most helpful for tanks, then you should read this article carefully.

Sword and Shield/Great axe
    Main Weapon: Sword and shield
    Secondary Weapon: Great axe
    Attributes: Constitution, Strength
This may be one of the most popular tank builds ever since the game first arrived on the scene, and it is especially effective for PvP. Where the Sword and Shield gives a well-balanced defensive option because your primary, the Great Axe when your second will assist you to do massive levels of damage eventually span, which comes in handy if you are suddenly ambushed by other PvP players. Even in PvE, this same build having a different ability mastery tree on your secondary Great Axe can be most effective.
Constitution and Strength are a necessity of attributes just for this build. You should start with Constitution to be certain your character's health insurance defense capabilities are stable, after which go for Strength. Make sure to equip Heavy Armor and spec into these two attributes for taking full benefit from your weapons.
New World Coins
For the sword, Shield Bash, Shield Rush, and Defiant Stance are definitely the abilities to unlock, beneath the Defender Mastery tree. The first two will help you to deal 50 % of weapon damage and knock back foes which has a damage rush forward, respectively. Your third ability, Defiant Stance, will reduce incoming damage by 30 %. Both Defiant Stance and Shield Bash will taunt nearby enemies when you have a Carnelian equipped in your sword too.
For the good axe, unlock Charge, Reap, and Execute within the Reaper Mastery tree. Charge will deal 120 percent weapon damage, Reap will Buy New World Coins extend your Axe about 5 meters to enemies closer, and Execute is often a heavy attack that can deal 200 percent of one's weapon's damage, plus much more for targets with low health.

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