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Although many people have been singing bad news about New World in the recent period and thinking that this game will die overnight, it is indeed slowly developing while experiencing growing pains. If you compare New World after multiple updates with the situation when the game was first released, you will find that it has changed a lot. Recently, the developers tried to make some adjustments to the controversial endgame gear New World Coins changes and admitted that some of the changes they designed before were wrong.

This change on high-level content was tested in PTR in advance, so it has not had any impact on ordinary players. Players who want to acquire powerful weapons or armors can still use New World Coins to buy items they want from other players. If you are not aware of this change in PTR, please allow me to introduce it to you.

In the developer's expectation, the High Water Mark system will be renamed Expertise, and the player's power will be weakened. This makes many players feel dissatisfied and they post complaints in the gaming community. Amazon quickly put forward a new plan and stated that they will try to achieve this goal without reducing the player's existing power. For this reason, all existing items in the game will not be involved, including crafted gear, quest loot and all items bought from the Faction shops.
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The developers said in a tweet that they initially thought Gear Score scaling was temporary, because players can find new ways to regain their lost power. The performance of the players made them aware of the error, so they will only modify the newly produced items after the patch.

In other words, if players don't want to engange in the Expertise system, they can still use past items to equip themselves. But for top players, the gear enhanced with the Expertise system has better New World Gold potential and growth. The in-game economy may also be affected by this update, because some crafted gear may become more precious, and players who need such items are willing to spend more New World Coins to buy them.

For those players who still haven't reached level 60, this change may make the game more difficult. The newly introduced Gypsum currency can offset this effect to a certain extent, so the Expertise system is worthy of in-depth study. An easier way is to buy better items from other players before buying New World Coins on, so that any difficulties will not cause you trouble.

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