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People are critical of Madden to get a minimum of 21 decades and they're still selling fairly well. I went without buying a Madden game before I got 19 and 21 wasn't picked up by me. It obviously didn't have an impact on EA Sports so you have two options: continue your Mut 21 coins for sale boycott or merely ignore the negativity and love Madden NFL 21. And yes, I'm purchasing Madden 21 so this fall I can appreciate soccer. A lot of people will do the exact same thing and consoles so Madden NFL 21 is going to do well whether you want it or not.

Yes, despite Madden NFL 21 being barebones I have fun. I believed madden 21 was a massive upgrade wise and with the huge CPU improvements I'm hoping to see a significant difference because its CPU v CPU with my sim league. I really like football too far every year not to buy it. I just wish I had been excited to get over AI and better open field tackling because that's not worth 60 bucks but oh well. I used to tell myself the same thing and then I opened my eyes. You can do it guy you do not need this crap game. I presume, with just how similar this is that franchise is I'm just going to stick with my existing franchise.

Yeah, but hear me out. With covid seeking to probably delay/shut down the NFL, I want to have the ability to run an Franchise together with my university esports club, although I didn't purchase 21 or 19. Though the franchise encounter is sub-par, I believe that it would be an enjoyable adventure for our itch to meet for football and reflect our favourite teams when they might not have the ability to play with. I'm a no, but I am awaiting the franchise movies and more importantly the MUT to make my final decision. Madden 21 was Madden NFL 21 that burned me out and I've bought every single one on the day it came out since Madden 05.

Franchise is in its worst state that I have seen it and I'm holding out for a glimmer of hope, but not expecting anything. If all franchise has got is a minimum update like a different UI, or more scenarios, that will be the nail in the coffin and I will happily wait until the price drops. I am tired of needing to fix each and every contract on each team in my buy Madden 21 coins own franchise to keep it moving because the teams AI can't manage a salary cap. This was the primary factor of driving away from franchise and seeing agents sitting there because teams can't afford the contract they wanted, and I see that they signed a 1 year - contract with a team drove me crazy. Please fix your sport EA.They made the Madden 21 trailer

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By Kin Gang
Added Jul 11 '20



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