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Start place: Seer's village court House. Speak to one of the inmates. Requirements: king's ransom, Wanted, To OSRS gold begin, speak with one of the suspects behind the bars. They will inform you that they need the services of a lawyer. If you accept to be a lawyer, they will reveal what you were charged with and the place. Talk to any of the guards and ask for them to accompany you to the crime scene. The evidence can range from broken windows to small fingerprints.

In order to gather evidence, it is important to remember what your client is being accused of. If it was Burglary it will be in your house. If it was theft it will go to an open place. If it was fraud it would be in the public or in your home. Scamming would be at a hard-to-reach place such as a trapdoor. if it was murder it could have been in the home, a public space or in a secret location. Find clues to damaged windows or notes, trapdoors hidden from view, disguises, fingerprints, and you might also have to talk to witnesses, or to find out why the victim have been killed. If you believe that you have all the evidence you need you are able to appeal to the court.

Proving guilt to your client: To show that your client is innocent, the client must be in court at all times. Don't alter the facts, but be sure you understand who did it and why. The evidence you collect could prove to be very important in court.

Levels, and rewards. The client will pay you for every time the client is found innocent. The amount you pay is determined by the amount. There are five levels. After you've completed one level, you may move on to the next or continue it. When you are finished with the case, the client will also be required to give the court a portion of buy RuneScape gold the suit. The suit contains...

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