Is the node of aluminium lighting truss hinged or just connected? from Zhanshi's blog

The truss structure is a geometrically stable structural frame based on triangles. It is composed of linear rods that only bear axial tension or axial pressure. The nodes transmit the linear force of the rods, bear the shear force, and do not transmit the bending moment. The linear members of the truss structure can be hinged or just connected. The same is true of the principle of aluminium lighting truss.

Someone asked whether the nodes of the truss were hinged or just connected.

A real truss structure must act on the node when it bears the applied load. The load will be borne by all members in a purely compressive or purely tensile manner. The node only transmits the linear force of the members, bears the shear force, and does not transmit it. Bending moment. In this case, the linear rods can be hinged or just connected, depending on the convenience of construction and appearance, there is no difference in force, and no special reinforcement is required at the nodes.

Aluminium lighting truss structure generally cannot apply load on linear members. When the load is applied to the members, if the nodes are hinged, only the loaded members will bear the bending moment in the form of simply supported beams, and the rest of the members will not participate in the load. In this way, this bending member must be strengthened, and the other members are purely redundant. If the nodes are just connected, the members will be bent as a whole in the form of a rigid frame. Not only the members themselves, but also the nodes will also bear a large bending moment and need to be strengthened.

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By Zhanshi
Added Nov 24 '21



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