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Since the title asks, How is PSO2? The game has always seemed interesting to me and I wish to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta play it using all the English patch but im wondering if its worth it to play with today or if I must wait inform the English launch in 2020. A little background for my self ive played about every major mmo out there, im most experienced in FFXIV, with swtor being my next. Ive played with items like GW2, ESO, Elsword, ArcheAge, Tera, and Runescape. Just wondering if this game is worth it as an mmo.

I have about 3000 hours in pso2 jp into preface. If you're looking for additional mmo features like enormous groups of players then you will probably be disappointed as the max party size at any moment is 12, the only time you'll discover more gamers is at the lobby where you are able to locate a couple hundred at one time. But if you truly want to play it you could also simply try it in the meantime; just be wary that account creation is a major roadblock. You could watch the anime that just releases last night to see whether you want the story also, I thought it was actually good!

Unless you have friends that are holding you hostage to perform the"international" version of PSO2 its best to at the minimum to check out the japanese models. The western version will likely have a whole lot of content cut from it, majority being cosmetics for chars but also stuff like cross-over bosses (japanese version is obtaining a Neon Genesis Evangelion cooperation with a boss fight). While the sport is grindy, there's usually a ton of catch-up mechanics and welfare equipment.

I really don't think the loot is really that grindy. Leveling up buy PSO2 Meseta is decently grindy, particularly near the level cap but you begin the endgame before the complete max degree and unlocking level cap increases are sort of there only for unlocking higher tier engame content. Do not play the SEA server, however, it is super p2w and though it's official English (Engrish) translation, it's terrible. Japanese does not have p2w components except the monthly sub is actually beneficial.

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By Megaomgchen
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