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Foam pickaxe handle (charged or free) It gives you additional experience when used. Only loses its charge when it's damaged by an explosion of RuneScape gold a rock. You can recharge it by taking it to the Mining mini-game reward shop, which allows you to trade in 85 shards. Bring it to Nurmorf or Bob with cash and have them recharge it.

Pickaxe handle made from leather (charge or free) Ores are mined faster than normal. It only loses its charge if it is damaged by an exploding rock. To replenish it, take it to the Mining mini-game's reward shop to trade 100 shards. Or bring it to Nurmorf and Bob with cash to charge it. Note: There is no pickaxe for running. It would be too expensive to have something that makes it easier to obtain runite bars. I hope you like this idea. Leave a comment or a response. Thank you!

If you're not sure you're capable of killing a monster with 10,000 hitpoints using the slow 2-h weapon which can hit 250-700 damage plus 50 poison damage that is guaranteed and/or an additional 2-h weapon that belongs to a god that's even slower with 500+ damage, and an uncommon 1000 damage with no poison, all without armor or food, turn back.

The plus side is that your weapons deal massive damage; each weapon is capable of dealing 50 poison damage, no matter what, however, it will sacrifice power to do so You can also use prayer and potions. Negative Side: Your enemy is able to 1hit you and you are not able to provide food or armor, he has ten thousands hp; your weapons can be extremely slow; only five weapons are available.

This miniquest will not be recorded in the quest journal and its release will remain secret. Skills of 99 in strength, attack, defense, or hitpoints, 70+ hitpoints, and 60 endurance or strength [70 strength and 80 mining, and smithing could assist]. Items include mithril bar, saradomin brews, super stat restore or sanfew serum prayer potions, items to kill imp lesser demon, greater demon, demon butler (no level) sergeant damien(no level), K'ril Tsutsaroth, and buy rs3 gold a level-less 10,000 HP Zamorak.

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