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The first critter killed was also quick - I was slow, but OSRS gold the protector was quickly dispatched. I've seen vanstrom almost killed several times and I had my hopes up - until my connection stopped carrying orders and I was killed with just 8 sharks left, and the worst part was that my clicker stopped working. I'm able to receive the death darts, and then get myself ready for another battle - this time with death kill darts.

My thought is to put him away on the first available attack - Or , do I need to lure him across the puddle of water in order to finish the job? No. You do not need to make him feel like you are trying to lure him. That part gets skipped. (You still require holy water in the bottle in your possession)

All you need is one dart. Make sure you have it ready and strike the enemy as quickly as is possible. It will cut straight to the part whe he explodes and you drop to one hitpoint. My mom was just doing it just a few days earlier, so I'm sure. I love the darts because they provide people with slow computers or slower connections.

The opportunity to finish the same quest. I wish there were something like this. When I was trying to recreate the firepit during the Summer's End. Vanstrom was a lot easier for me. I hear you about the fire pit. I have watched my sister try that and she died 23times, and had to start over - The clicking can be delayed [you've heard of that annoyance.

I'd like for Runescape to run as smoothly as it did in 2008--There was a balanced balance of games that were played out one could master or fight with ease. There was even a very extremely short delay between our commands for buy OSRS GP the character being carried out.

If you're able to OSRS gold acquire the Tokkul-Zo, use it instead of an archer's rings: it comes from the elder kiln quest . It is a bonus on all combat stats with the exception of prayer and strength making it superior to that archer's rings. A ring amulet is probably the better choice to buy instead of a fury because it is more effective in defending against attacks with a range benefit, though it protects in a lesser way and has none of the prayers bonus.

You won't need a robin cap or hood, but you will need an archer helm for simple stats checks the archer helm offers superior defense, however the robin's hat is able to provide more in the way of ranged offense. The choice is yours The differences aren't significant. The robin works well as a cosmetic item . It can be customized to earn loyalty points in Xuan in burthorpe and Varrock, however.

If you don't own them, get some barrow's gloves: They are very effective to fit into the glove slot, and extremely helpful in the process. Also, you'll need to purchase a pair of ranging boots It is recommended to purchase snakeskin in order to avoid ranger boots, since they (12M) don't fall into your budget.

A shield slot would likely be a god-illuminated book. The Zamorak book will cost 22 million the better option is armadyl's book of law priced at 1.7M that's just 2 less ranged offensives, however, it does have defence capabilities. Once you've illuminated it, you'll be rewarded with a huge prayer reward.

The cape you wear is a must unless you're doing something that will not work, for instance, shooting ogres in cages. In that case you should wear your finest ardougne cloak or something else with offensive/prayer bonuses. Red dragonhide of course and unless you're looking to cheap RuneScape gold get void. I hope this will help!