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Compared with the current New World, you can hardly imagine that the game had 900,000 concurrent players when it was first released. This achievement makes New World one of the games with the largest number of players on Steam so far. However, six weeks later, the population of each server is now much lower than in the past. And this trend continues, I have no doubt that some of the latest open servers will eventually become empty.

Of course, I don't want things to Buy New World Coins develop like this, because I am also playing this game, and I hope to make more new friends. But this month is indeed a daunting challenge for New World. There are many eye-catching games that will continue to appear during this time, including some of the best in other types of games. As the most direct competitor of MMO, FFXIV chose to release new expansions at this time. This is not good news for New World, it is very likely that some players will be attracted to the past and cause more serious population loss.

During this time, the performance of the game was not satisfactory. Players can always find new bugs and exploitable loopholes in various strange situations. These problems affect the game experience of some players and the economy in the game. Although developers keep releasing new patches to solve these problems, it turns out that New World is still not perfect after four delays.

On the other hand, those high-level players have lost their pursuit, and they find it meaningless to do anything. Because there are too few ways for players to earn New World Coins, they can only step into the original trading mode of bartering. For low-level players, difficult grinding and challenges can easily make them exhausted. What can make them insist is only the beautiful scenery in the game, which is also one of the rare highlights of New World compared with other MMOs.

I have invested more than 100 hours in the game, so I hope the current number of players can stabilize. As a New World Coins game that can only be played on the PC side, I think it can be done, provided that the development team is really willing to work hard for this goal. Regardless of the player community or the development team, this is a project they have been looking forward to for several years, and it should not have a bleak end in a few months.

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Recently, many players are constantly challenging the Headless Horseman boss battle, found in Scarlet Monastery Graveyard Dungeon, because they want to get the Halloween limited mount-the Headless Horseman. If you also want to join the challenge, you'd better choose a well-coordinated team, because this will be a four-stage battle. Continue reading this guide and you will understand what to do in the four stages.
First you need to receive a daily quest called Headless Horseman from Razor Hill or Goldshire, and then you can summon a Headless Horseman in Scarlet Monastery graveyard dungeon. It is worth noting that the Headless Horseman you summon can be shared with your teammates. So joining a team of 5 allows you to kill Headless Horseman five times a day.

The four stages of boss battle
You can get through the first stage very easily, because the boss will not take actions that may cause the immediate death of all team members in the first stage. What you need to do is to Buy TBC Gold make the tank in the team taunt the boss as soon as he enters the door, and then all the DPS can cast skills as much as possible.
When the health of the boss is reduced to 1%, the battle enters the second stage. Horseman will lose his way at this time, because his head will fly away and fly around to disturb your team members. In order to end this situation, you and the other members of the team need to focus on attacking the head and reduce the health of the head to less than 65% as soon as possible, otherwise you need to restart the first phase of the battle.
In addition, Horseman will also use Whirlwind to attack during this period. If you can't take too much damage, please pay attention to the area of ​​influence of the dodge skill.
The next battle will enter the third stage, which is basically the same as the first stage. But the DPS members in the team need to pay attention to the Conflagration debuff from Horseman, which targets random members outside the tank. In order to solve this problem, it is recommended that you prepare PvP Trinket in advance to remove the debuff. Otherwise, allies near you will continue to be burnt until they die. When the health of the head drops to about 30%, it enters the fourth stage.
The fourth stage is similar to the first stage, but this time the Headless Horseman will throw Pulsing Pumpkins in the battle. Their damage is not high, but they will exist until the boss dies. So if you put them aside, it may cause serious consequences. Now your team needs to make a decision, whether to focus all the DPS on Pulsing Pumpkins to kill him as soon as possible or prioritize Pulsing Pumpkins.
The head will fly away again when the health is reduced to 1%. This time the battle will be won after the head is killed.

You will have a chance to find the WOW TBC Gold Headless Horseman Mount among the loot dropped after the death of the boss, but the chance is very small. So you'd better find a few stable team members and try to challenge multiple times a day.

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Recently, Mohamed Salah, who has played for Liverpool for many years, has received an all-round upgrade in his overall rating in FIFA 22. Under his outstanding performance, the team started very well in the Premier League and the Champions League. Those players who previously collected the card when the card price was low can now make money. They can sell the FIFA 22 Coins card to players who need it in the transfer market at a higher price, and get more FIFA 22 Coins.

With a hat-trick against the rivals Manchester United, Salah currently ranks first in the Premier League scoring list, scoring a total of 10 goals in 10 games is amazing. He also contributed 5 goals for the team in the UEFA Champions League and 6 assists in all competitions he has participated in so far. To put it simply, the Egyptian has successfully helped the team score 21 points in the game.

In fact, when FIFA 22 was first released, the 29-year-old Salah's OVR dropped from 90 to 89. Although the winger contributed 31 successful goals for the team last season, his performance does not seem to be recognized by the development team. Many of his fans and Liverpool fans are also angry at the game data given by EA Sports.

In Liverpool's championship battle, Salah played an important role. It is through the efforts of him and other teammates that the team can maintain their undefeated record in the Champions League. And Salah has always been Liverpool's star player. EA Sports updated FIFA 22 player statistics last Friday, and the adjusted standards are mainly derived from the Cheap FUT 22 Coins performance of several teams in the Premier League in the new season.

Whether you are playing PC, Xbox or PS, you can download the update patch immediately.

Mohamed Salah's upgrades in FIFA 22
It's no doubt that Salah has received upgrades to his in-game shooting and passing stats after his amazing goals so far, but the winger also received an upgrade to his overall rating - reverting back to his FIFA 212 rating of 90 overall.
The winger also saw a +1 upgrade in his FIFA 22 potential rating, showing that EA may be anticipating the player to increase again in the near future.
The stats that were upgraded in-game were his finishing (91-92), long shots (84-85), short passing (84-85), vision (83-84), dribbling (90-91) and reactions (92-93), making him one of the most complete attackers in FIFA 22.

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Many New World MMO players are looking forward to adding a mount system to the game, but this expectation may only happen after developers make major changes to the game. The person who made this RPG New World Coins prediction is a Twitch anchor-Michael 'shroud' Grzesiek. He believes that players may not see the mount in the game until a few years later.

Because developers strongly oppose the mount system, New World is very different from Final Fantasy XIV Online and World of Warcraft. Players must rely on walking or settlement teleportation to reach various locations on the map. The explanation given by game director Scot Lane is that the map size in New World is not large enough for them to enable the mount function. But he also assured players that there will be mounts in future games, as long as the mounts can bring real benefits and fun to players.

But Shroud believes that this situation will not happen in a short time, because he believes that the addition of a game-changing gameplay must be part of the dramatic change in the game. More importantly, when designing the world in the game, the developers considered the movement methods such as hiking and teleportation, so he firmly believes that players will have to wait for several years to see the mount. He used the expansion of World of Warcraft to illustrate this point: World of Warcraft added flying mounts during the expansion of Burning Crusade, for which the developers developed a new area called Outland.

"They might [add mounts] eventually when they change the game a lot," he said. "You know how every MMO goes through that phase where it drastically changes the way it’s played? It happens every time."

Many MMOs finally become other things completely, which are very different from the way the game was used at the beginning, and often experienced several huge reforms in the middle. Shroud believes that Amazon New World will eventually produce such a change, but it may take a few years. Before that time finally comes, most players may have quit the game.

Although players are concerned about many other problems in the game, the lack of mounts in the game has always been one of the hot topics in the game community.

Many players quit the game because of the New World Coins errors and loopholes in the game. Shroud has encountered many similar problems, although these problems have not been completely resolved, but he still decided to continue playing.

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