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Aluminium lighting truss is more and more widely used in large-scale events, especially outdoor events. How should we choose when buying?

First, select the material of aluminum lighting truss

Aluminium lighting truss is divided into two types: aluminum alloy stage and steel stage. Among them, the price of steel aluminum lighting truss has a clear advantage. If you want to consider the quality of transportation, it is recommended to choose aluminum alloy, which is relatively light and easy to transport.

Second, choose the type of stage

Aluminium lighting truss is divided into Rhea stage, snap stage and insert stage. The main reason is that there are some differences on the uprights, which can be seen in the figure below for details.

Furthermore, choose the stage board

The stage board generally uses the anti-skid board, the size is generally 18mm, the regular color of the stage board is black and red.

The truss structure is a geometrically stable structural frame based on triangles. It is composed of linear rods that only bear axial tension or axial pressure. The nodes transmit the linear force of the rods, bear the shear force, and do not transmit the bending moment. The linear members of the truss structure can be hinged or just connected. The same is true of the principle of aluminium lighting truss.

Someone asked whether the nodes of the truss were hinged or just connected.

A real truss structure must act on the node when it bears the applied load. The load will be borne by all members in a purely compressive or purely tensile manner. The node only transmits the linear force of the members, bears the shear force, and does not transmit it. Bending moment. In this case, the linear rods can be hinged or just connected, depending on the convenience of construction and appearance, there is no difference in force, and no special reinforcement is required at the nodes.

Aluminium lighting truss structure generally cannot apply load on linear members. When the load is applied to the members, if the nodes are hinged, only the loaded members will bear the bending moment in the form of simply supported beams, and the rest of the members will not participate in the load. In this way, this bending member must be strengthened, and the other members are purely redundant. If the nodes are just connected, the members will be bent as a whole in the form of a rigid frame. Not only the members themselves, but also the nodes will also bear a large bending moment and need to be strengthened.

Aluminium lighting Truss It is also called truss to be widely used in various stage, tricks, exhibitions, etc. There are some flat scenes, the book number of the truss, and have a great difference in genre and information. It can not be based on different use. Carefully select the truss development of different materials, then, how is a stage of a stage to be built? How is it going?

1: First of all, I have to put four corner reefs to make the four corner reefs, and the legs will be debugged, so that they are in the same task face, then insert the truss outside the four corners to support the lower part. .

2: To fix the back of the screw on the tross, the soul is lost, and the screw will not be rotated. Set good connection, such a beam some to form it.

3: Put the terminal strings again, twist your head on one end of the interior, Aluminium Lighting Truss is screwed on the other, and then hanging the zucchini and the horizontal, it is Used to raise the beam truss in the lower side, so good for this step is enough to find a sponsorship, bring the main column truss in the increasing juence, never exhaus, be careful, take the main column, and then turn the back of the back Fixed.

4: Since then, hang the gourd to hook the beam through the garter belt, and then the beam gradually pulls up and the first position of people can not, and then the lighting sound is loaded on the beam.

5: If you have a good thing in the previous steps, you have to check the four of the four seats of the two. There are no horizontal lines, and the slanting plus rod should be fixed on the other hand. The photometric frame is built.

The above aluminium crowd control barrier product prices are set for shelves and buyers have different needs. The exact price is calculated according to the buyers' different sizes, material selection and process requirements. You give us the length, width, height and craftsmanship you need. We will calculate the price for you.

Product parameters:

Material quality: national standard aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and 6082-T6

Expanded size: length 1m, width 1.2m, height 1.205m

After folding: length 1m, width 1.2m, thickness 6cm (+3cm)

Semi-circular pipe: diameter 2.5cm, pipe wall thickness 3mm

New tabletop: length 40cm, width 30cm

Supporting square tube: 1.1m long, 5cm wide, 3cm thick

Floor thickness: 3cm

Weight: 30 kg (Kg)

Black style can be customized.

Product function:

Aluminium crowd control barrier is to provide protection for important areas and locations. It can be used to prevent a large number of people or spectators from entering the range that is not allowed, or to resist the surging of potentially dangerous crowds, to prevent the danger caused by the flow of people, and achieve the effect of safety protection.

During performances, the audience always likes to crowd the stage, especially the safety of the actors is very dangerous, and it is very difficult to rely on personnel to maintain order. This audience isolation barrier can effectively isolate the audience from the stage and the outside world from the performance site to reduce accidents.

The aluminium stage truss is light in weight, half lighter than traditional iron trusses, and saves a lot of cost and effort for construction and transportation. Aluminum stage truss has excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Compared with iron truss, aluminum stage truss uses 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which has excellent corrosion resistance and has a service life of more than 10 years.

The average load-bearing capacity of large aluminum stage truss can reach more than 500kg. Its excellent resistance to pressure can meet the needs of large-scale audio equipment for various performances and music. It is generally used to build stage lighting racks, gantry racks, etc. In order to extend the useful life of aluminum stage truss, we need to do some daily maintenance and maintenance!

How to prevent damage to the truss:

Prevent aluminum stage truss from contacting acid-alkaline objects. The aluminum alloy profile used in the truss can indicate the formation of a protective film by itself, but it does not prevent any corrosion. For example, long-term contact with acid and alkaline objects will cause corrosion to the shelf. This situation should be prevented.

The use of stage truss prevents heavy friction and bumps.

The simplest damage is during installation, disassembly, and transportation. During these processes, the truss is relatively easy to friction and bumps. For example, when the truss is dragged on the ground or the truss is smashed to the ground when it is disassembled, these damages are all What is difficult to repair not only affects the beauty of the truss, but also directly reduces the service life of the truss.

Why don't Concert truss stage manufacturers share concert truss?

When buying concert truss, many people are troubled: I only use it once why do I buy it, why not rent it? But the problem is that there are too few manufacturers willing to rent concert truss. So why do concert truss manufacturers let money not to earn, is not too stupid! No, because it is not cost effective to rent to the public. Why, change the rental to share to understand, immediately understand.

Nowadays, "sharing" can be seen everywhere in life, sharing bicycles, cars, even umbrellas, but not "sharing wallets". "Sharing" is a strategy adopted by companies to reduce operating costs, only to benefit the public. The concert truss rental is also convenient for the public, but the truss stage manufacturers are reluctant because the cost will increase instead of decrease. Who wants to do it if you can't make money?

During the Double Eleven, some e-commerce companies began to test a recyclable shared courier box, expecting that this reusable courier box can reduce costs and solve the much-criticized problem of courier waste. It looks good, but it is not. Once this shared courier box is used on a large scale, it will also face additional costs for recycling, sorting, packaging, cleaning, etc.

It is understood that this shared courier box is currently mainly used for the delivery of 3C precious goods, mother and child, fragile products of these three major products. Or, once the cost exceeds expectations, the e-commerce companies are not going to promote it on a large scale, even though traditional express packaging will generate a lot of express waste.

According to the "Report on the Status and Trends of Green Packaging Development in China's Express Sector" released by the State Post Bureau, China's 2016 express business volume exceeded 31.2 billion pieces, behind which as much as 46 million tons of raw corrugated cardboard was used, accounting for one-third of the global consumption. At the same time, traditional express packaging also includes waybills, woven bags, plastic bags, envelope tape and internal buffers, the volume of which should not be underestimated.

Furthermore, the "shared courier box" is a recycled courier box, individual shoppers are not expected to accept. As truss stage rental, there will be depreciation, damage, the next tenant certainly do not want, who wants to old goods? And no one wants to sell! Reprocessing and then rent, the operating costs go up again, the fools do that.

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The modular design of the aluminium lighting truss allows portability and ease of set-up. A medium duty truss like the 12 inch aluminum square box truss offers excellent weight loading capabilities while providing a decorative look.

Our Truss Series are fabricated according to TUV specifications and made with the highest quality 6082-T6 alloy aluminum.