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Aluminium lighting truss is more and more widely used in large-scale events, especially outdoor events. How should we choose when buying?

First, select the material of aluminum lighting truss

Aluminium lighting truss is divided into two types: aluminum alloy stage and steel stage. Among them, the price of steel aluminum lighting truss has a clear advantage. If you want to consider the quality of transportation, it is recommended to choose aluminum alloy, which is relatively light and easy to transport.

Second, choose the type of stage

Aluminium lighting truss is divided into Rhea stage, snap stage and insert stage. The main reason is that there are some differences on the uprights, which can be seen in the figure below for details.

Furthermore, choose the stage board

The stage board generally uses the anti-skid board, the size is generally 18mm, the regular color of the stage board is black and red.