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Why don't Concert truss stage manufacturers share concert truss?

When buying concert truss, many people are troubled: I only use it once why do I buy it, why not rent it? But the problem is that there are too few manufacturers willing to rent concert truss. So why do concert truss manufacturers let money not to earn, is not too stupid! No, because it is not cost effective to rent to the public. Why, change the rental to share to understand, immediately understand.

Nowadays, "sharing" can be seen everywhere in life, sharing bicycles, cars, even umbrellas, but not "sharing wallets". "Sharing" is a strategy adopted by companies to reduce operating costs, only to benefit the public. The concert truss rental is also convenient for the public, but the truss stage manufacturers are reluctant because the cost will increase instead of decrease. Who wants to do it if you can't make money?

During the Double Eleven, some e-commerce companies began to test a recyclable shared courier box, expecting that this reusable courier box can reduce costs and solve the much-criticized problem of courier waste. It looks good, but it is not. Once this shared courier box is used on a large scale, it will also face additional costs for recycling, sorting, packaging, cleaning, etc.

It is understood that this shared courier box is currently mainly used for the delivery of 3C precious goods, mother and child, fragile products of these three major products. Or, once the cost exceeds expectations, the e-commerce companies are not going to promote it on a large scale, even though traditional express packaging will generate a lot of express waste.

According to the "Report on the Status and Trends of Green Packaging Development in China's Express Sector" released by the State Post Bureau, China's 2016 express business volume exceeded 31.2 billion pieces, behind which as much as 46 million tons of raw corrugated cardboard was used, accounting for one-third of the global consumption. At the same time, traditional express packaging also includes waybills, woven bags, plastic bags, envelope tape and internal buffers, the volume of which should not be underestimated.

Furthermore, the "shared courier box" is a recycled courier box, individual shoppers are not expected to accept. As truss stage rental, there will be depreciation, damage, the next tenant certainly do not want, who wants to old goods? And no one wants to sell! Reprocessing and then rent, the operating costs go up again, the fools do that.