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WoW Classic professions are a great way to earn some extra in-game TBC Classic Gold or create items, gear, and consumables that can be used while you're out questing or taking on some of the tougher endgame content. Before you pick up any profession, it's worth doing a little research on what will benefit your particular class the most.

First Aid

So First Aid is one of the three secondary professions available to all players in WoW. For players who don’t have healing spells or who aren’t also undertaking Alchemy as a profession the bandages like Heavy Netherweave bandage created by First Aid are among the best ways to heal yourself in battle or while out in the world without food. Overall due to the low number of materials necessary to level it First Aid is a wonderful skill for everyone to have capped. It will help with leveling even more with classes that lack sustain like warriors and rogues, but other classes can find it handy – like warlocks who life tap or want to heal their demon pet without using Health Funnel, out of mana paladins can also bubble bandage.

Since it doesn’t count toward your professional limit every class should learn First Aid. In TBC there are two new bandages: Netherweave and Heavy Netherweave bandage. The trainers for both Horde and Alliance to become a master and pass 300 First Aid are in Hellfire Peninsula – they sell you the master first aid book and the manuals for the two new types of bandages, so we’d recommend you just pick up all three when you get to Outland.


Cooking is most known for the well-fed buff which increases your stats based on whatever food you ate. The benefits are myriad, and there is the potential to make profit from selling rarer food buffs on the auction house to those without the recipe or the skills. Cooking has helpful recipes to help while leveling and endgame and provides amazing raid buffs. Smoked Sagefish is one that is amazing while leveling, it gives you Mp5, it also is brain food which means it gives you both health and mana back while you eat it, so it’s a nice one for leveling.

If you’re thinking about leveling fishing then definitely consider leveling cooking at the same time because they really complement each other, as you catch the fish you can cook them and you’re leveling both professions at the same time. So in TBC the master cookbook will allow you to level up your cooking to a new max of 375 and it is sold by Baxter in Thrallmar for the Horde and Gaston for the Alliance in Honor Hold. Because cooking is a secondary profession like the other ones we talked about all players regardless of class or faction should level it to 375.


Mining is one of the most essential Gathering Professions in wow classic TBC. It involves extracting ore from mineral nodes throughout the zones, and it provides reagents for Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting. You can make use of the miner's basic ability to find minerals. It shows node spawns on your mini-map.

Mining is hugely popular, and it can certainly be a big classic TBC gold maker in TBC. It provides to multiple professions, so Mining can be profitable by selling stacks of ore or smelting bars, so in TBC, it's important to know which is more valuable. Jewelcrafting prospecting destroys ore to find gems, so definitely take a look at your prices to know before you sell the bars or the ore.

Mining is a great profession for any class, so once you're in outland, competition for Veins is going to become much tougher. Zones and flying mounts will decrease at the same time. It takes you to farm routes and reaches the nodes. I laid out some routes for you that are pretty popular. Fel Iron can be found by making circuits in any zone, but the two most advisable zones are Hellfire Peninsula and Tarot Card Forest. Hellfire is useful because it has the highest number of node spawns, and Tarot Card Forest is especially worthwhile for wow classic power leveling because you can quickly move to Negreanu to start collecting Adamantite. Now Adamantite is rarer than Fel Iron and will be the last mineral you'll need to gather.


There are quite a lot of changes to Blacksmithing in TBC. Blacksmithing is basically the craft of allowing players to create their own plate armors as well as two-handed Axes and Maces, and two-handed swords. In Vanilla, Blacksmiths are able to craft a number of high-value endgame recipes.

Blizzard has really expanded on that in TBC your range of gear that you can create much bigger, so Blacksmithing has huge potential, and it also has a huge price tag, especially if you choose to buy all your materials on the Auction House, so the combination of Blacksmithing and Mining is suitable for most wow TBC classes that wear plate and mail armor regardless of spec, and it's especially beneficial for tanks and melees DPS.


Alchemy is the art of brewing various consumables like potions, elixirs, and flasks. There are even a couple of trinkets introduced in TBC Classic that can only be used by Alchemists. Players with this profession can also create special Cauldrons that can be placed on the ground and used by their entire raid group to acquire a variety of temporary potions. This is quite similar to the Warlock’s Soulwell or the Mage’s Refreshment Table. Alchemy is by far one of the most profitable professions in World of Warcraft. Any serious raider, regardless of class, will gladly pay lots of gold for the top-tier consumables created by Alchemists.


Enchanting is a profession that allows you to disenchant (destroy) pieces of gear into materials like dust, shards, and essences. These materials are then used to enchant items with additional permanent proprieties, usually in the form of extra stats. The quality of the materials depends on the quality of the disenchanted gear, though it’s important to note that grey or white items cannot be disenchanted. Enchanting is a pretty costly profession because it requires you to destroy items that you could otherwise sell, but it’s also one of the most self-sufficient ones as it does need to be paired with a gathering profession. Instead, players usually pair it with Tailoring. Blacksmithing and Leatherworking can work just fine as well, however, Enchanting is generally most useful to cloth

In WoW TBC Classic, there are several professions to choose from. Professions serve as a way to make money, buff parties, and be extremely powerful raid tools. You may have discovered that the above methods will take some time to see the effect, and your gaming experience will not be very good in the process. This is why I recommend you to buy WoW TBC Gold directly. You can save time and money and enjoy the most pure happiness of the game! At present, many companies on the Internet are providing similar services, and according to the evaluation and feedback of players, is the most trusted seller.

WoW TBC Classic Gold is the main in-game currency in World of Warcraft Classic. WoW Classic TBC Gold is the main in-game currency for WoW Classic expansion The Burning Crusade. World of Warcraft Classic Gold and TBC Gold lets you buy gear upgrades, mounts, bags, materials, and so much more. However, it`s way harder to earn Classic WoW Gold in Vanilla WoW, than it is in retail WoW. WoW Classic Gold can only be slowly farmed through quest rewards, looting gold from enemies, selling items to vendors or acquiring World of Warcraft Classic Gold from professions. So, how to make more wow tbc clssic gold?

Farming Primals

Professions get a considerable upgrade in TBC, to the point players want to go to a specific profession to make themselves some very good gear as soon as they hit level 70. The most iconic of these professions is tailoring, with Warlocks wanting the Shadowcloth, other DPS casters wanting Spellcloth, with healers wanting Mooncloth. Gathering the materials to form these items is going to be very sought after, somewhat limited, and therefore expensive

The reagents you need to farm these items involve Imbued Netherweave, which isn’t that difficult to acquire. Although, the most sought items are the Primal Fire, Primal Water Primal Shadow and Primal Life resources. These are crafted by combining 10 motes of each element, which typically drop off elementals throughout Outland. Some can drop in Dungeons, while others are limited to places like the Elemental Plateau, the Throne of Kill’Jaiden, and ShadowmoonValley for Primal Shadow and Air. Most of these areas require level 70 flying

Once a player has these items, they can provide them to a tailor to craft the appropriate cloth. However, there is a cooldown for each craft, so ideally, going into a specialism is ideal for increasing the amount craftable within the cooldown.

Because of the rarity, it may be even worth farming the mats yourself to cast any of the cloth to sell to the highest bidder for some very quick cash through phase 1. Furthermore, lots of craftable BoEs that are not exactly prebis come through these materials and therefore remain attractive for alts and new players throughout the expansion.

Please note these Primals are very lucrative for other professions too, but the prebis focus on them for casters is their biggest market by far.


Making gold through professions will include an element of Auction House usage, but not to the extent of using it like we mentioned in the previous section. Instead, when you make gold through professions, you do so by farming materials yourself from the open world and crafting them up before selling them to other players.

The best professions for material farming include Mining and Herbalism (with Fishing serving as a solid secondary choice), as you can mindlessly traverse the world searching for different nodes of ore or herbs to collect and stockpile. Additionally, there are countless guides online that can point you in the direction of optimal routes through zones that you can follow when farming for materials. With the addition of flying mounts in TBC Classic, getting around zones and farming materials is going to be a lot more efficient of a process than it was in Classic.


Ravager Flesh, Clefthoof Meat, Warped Flesh, Raptor Ribs, Serpent Flesh


Furious Crawdad is best meat to level cooking from 350-375 but is hard to farm. Will be a fantastic seller, Low drop chance farm in Terrokar forest from 325+ fishing. Enormous Barbed Gill Trout and Huge Spotted Feltail are both fish you should not throw away and hold onto for a bit into the game. They’re for endgame cooking recipes. Will go up in value as the game progresses.

More Ways to Farm Gold in the Burning Crusades

There are other ways of making money then manipulation the Auction House, professions and farming. Mainly dailies. Dailies are great if you want to have a steady income of gold with low effort. They are mind numbingly boring after doing them every day for months so I usually just do banish the demons for the darkrune. The darkrune event can be an excellent source of extra money if you can complete it. I regularly do the darkrunes for 3 people in my guild (they give me half of the money of the whatever they sell the item for) and myself. For the blues you can usually get 100g-200g every time you do them. When you get the epics or the badge of tenacity you can get 500g-1000g per item, which is great for 30 minutes in a fun event. I would definitely recommend trying to learn the event and complete it.

Also there is the obvious stuff like looting everything and stuff. NEVER vendor things like netherweave or Marks of Sar’geras or even Light Feathers as you will make more money if you spend 30 seconds putting it up on the Auction House.

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How do you get gold in the Burning Crusade Classic? Players always try their best only want to find the best and fastest way to farm WoW TBC Gold . Gold in this gameplay is as crucial as real world money, which can be used to buy almost everything in the game! So, we list some useful tips to help you make money easily in World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade Classic.


Professions are one of the main sources of old income in the game and can be split up into two categories.


Gathering professions are those that make the player go out into the open world and farm different materials. These include Skinning, Herbalism, Mining, and even secondary professions like Fishing.

Players with gold already will just buy items straight from players or the auction house making these gold farms reliable and a good source of income for your time invested.


Crafting Professions like Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, and Tailoring can also be a decent gold-making choice, although many of the crafted items are bind-on-pickup meaning that they cannot be traded.

There are some extra items that can be made from these professions like the Nethercleft Leg Armor, which players will be after.

Questing and Leveling:

When you travel across different zones from Azeroth, you’ll notice that random mobs (monsters) tend to give multiple rewards. This difference is because the higher your level becomes, the stronger the threat. At the same time, you will earn more coins when you have slain your enemies. Indeed, any humanoid that you encounter gives you a higher chance to drop Copper or Silver. Similarly, you can get better rewards from quests when you reach the new maps from The Burning Crusade. Furthermore, some “Dailies” have the opportunity to give you more prizes each day.


Running dungeons over and over again can also be a fruitful way to secure some gold in TBC Classic. Mainly, you’ll want to be burning through instances with a lot of enemies like the Slave Pens or Shadow Labyrinth, so that you can ensure you’ll get as much passive gold from enemies as possible.

On top of the passive gold that each enemy drops, you’ll be able to pick up some sellable items and gear that can add to your total income per dungeon. Rare boss drops that other players in your groups don’t want to hang on to can be sold for some decent raw gold, while bind-on-equip items can either be sold to vendors or listed on the Auction House for some extra gold.

Gold is essential in The Burning Crusade Classic - you always need more gold for consumables, gear, repairs, and e.t.c. Gold farm is very slow in The Burning Crusade Classic, that’s why this service is so popular! Buying WoW TBC Classic gold at is simple & safe!

WoW TBC Gold farming is a crucial part of the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic experience. You can expect to earn a fair bit while leveling in Burning Crusade Classic, but if you want to supplement that income, this guide will point you in the right direction. Here are some tips for making gold in WoW Burning Crusade Classic so you can unleash your inner goblin.

Playing the Auction House

Players who can effectively play the Auction House will often find the most success when it comes to making gold. Almost every player will need to use the Auction House in some capacity, so using it to your advantage to make money off of the game’s population as opposed to feeding gold into it will be a great way to achieve long standing wealth in WoW: TBC Classic.

The best way to make consistent money off the Auction House is to buy raiding materials such as potions and flasks at a low price during the weekend, and then sell them for a higher price after the raid reset on Tuesday. When raids reset during the week, raiders will inevitably be looking for potions and flasks, so sitting on the ones you bought at a low price until you’re able to list them for a high price will net you a ton of gold week in, week out.

In the meantime, if you notice that a specific item on the Auction House, like as a material like cloth or herbs, is listed abnormally low, you can use a similar strategy to hike the price up once you claim the materials for yourself.

Keep in mind that playing the Auction House like it’s the Stock Market could get tedious for some players, and is only a recommended strategy for players who are genuinely interested in turning gold-making into a core part of the WoW experience.

Loot everything

You'll pick up a lot of junk when you loot enemies. You may also be tempted to only loot the stuff that looks worthwhile, but money you can make by selling grey items will soon add up.

Get into the habit of checking how much items are worth on the auction house, too. It may be tempting to sell unwanted stuff to a vendor for convenience, but you may get way more for it by selling to other players.

Optimise your bag space

Having lots of bag space as you can get is always worthwhile, but it's especially important if you have a gathering profession. The materials will quickly take up room in your bags and you don't want to have to make needless trips to offload at a bank or the auction house. Even if you don't want to bother with professions, it's still a good idea to clear out your bags as often as you can.

Make a second character

Having a second character is useful for a few reasons. You won't have to level the character to 70, but standing them next to a bank and mailbox means you can send any excess stuff from your main character to them easily. There's no auction house in Outland either, so if you're planning on selling stuff, it might make sense to use an alt camped next to one in Azeroth.

Of course, if you're planning on actually leveling another character, all the better. Choose a couple of WoW Classic professions that complement your main character's choices and put them to work, too. A third could be your glorified personal banker.

Gathering Professions

Gathering Professions are very important to fund the supply for the professions at the start of the expansion. Many people are looking for crafting mats to level their crafting professions, like tailoring, blacksmithing, jewel crafting, etc. Because of this, the auction house is going to take and sell plenty of gatherable items. Those who manage to get epic flying earlier will reap the most from all of this. Although, this value from the gathering will drop slowly and slowly as the expansion progress. Consequently, the demand drops and the supply naturally increases, which is why this is one of the best ways to make gold in Phase 1 of TBC Classic.

One other tip for engineers is to use your flying to acquire gas cloud while on your mining routes. Gas clouds are a way to gather Motes of Shadow, Mana, and Air, with Shadow being the most valuable of the lot. As mentioned previously, motes of Shadows craft Primal Shadow, which is needed for Shadowcloth.

For those with Herbalism and who are ready to solo elites, Skettis in Terrokar is a nice spot. There are many endgame herbs there as it requires level 70 to get there. It is also a reliable spot for Ancient Lichen, but Coildfang dungeons have relatively easy to acquire. But the most promising aspect of the area is the elite kills. They grant Primals a steady source of gold while offering decent chances for acquiring BoE epic gear. Grabbing a pre-bis Life Giving Cloak can certainly bank you plenty of dosh, among other countless epics.

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Certain classes excel more than the others. For example, a Druid can farm herbs while in flying form, mages can solo-farm Caverns of Time: Dark Portal trash. If you are keen on playing with two accounts, Protection Paladin + Mage can excel at farming Black Temple terrace mobs as it can land you 300-500 TBC Classic Gold each hour approximately.

Plan Your Professions

Professions are receiving overhaul in WoW TBC Classic. Some are better than others for gold farming, but the traditional mining and herb gathering will always make you plenty. However, with Jewelcrafting being new to TBC, it is the real deal for gold farming.

Playing the Auction House

The name of the game here is to buy low, sell high. Instead of spending an hour on dailies, I spend an hour combing the auction house looking for things that are a fair bit cheaper then the average. You really need to have a feel for what things actually cost for this to work. You need to be looking through the Auction House every day and know what is worth what. This section is kind of general and kind of has to be as I can’t really go over the prices of every item for every server. I can provide a couple universal tips though:

Don’t nickel and dime. It isn’t worth it to buy something and then resell it for a gold more. You will hardly make any profit after the Auction House cut and if it doesn’t sell the first time you may lose money on the deposit. I usually shoot for at least 15g profits.

Check items such as Primals, Shards, Void Crystals, Gems etc and familiarize yourself with their prices. Look for people who undercut by a lot, buy those items and relist at the standard price.

Check things like boe blues/epics, Darkmoon Faire cards, ect. You can usually make a hefty profit on things like these when somebody underprices the item. These kinds of items price can fluctuate all across the board. Meaning I can buy an Apexis Crystal Mace for 40g and then turn around and sell it for 150g. The key thing to remember is there isn’t really a set market price for these items, YOU pretty much decide the market price when you post them (unless there are several on the AH at once, of course).

Undercutting. You definitely want to undercut people. But you have to be smart about it. Things like gems and shards are not things that people are going to go without. If there is one gem on the auction house, unless the price is outrageous, if a person needs it they will buy it. Nobody goes without gems or enchants in their gear because it is too expensive. So the key is to undercut a tiny bit. You can usually undercut by 5 silver and your item will sell just as fast as if you undercut by 5 gold. So do the market and yourself a favor and don’t make big undercuts as they don’t help anybody (except for the person buying of course!).

Don’t use Auctioneer. A mod can not really see the fluctuations in the market like a person can. It constantly undercuts too much and generally wastes your time/memory. You aren’t saving yourself any time by spending 20 minutes scanning and then having it do it automatically. Search the item that you are going to sell and relist it a tiny bit under the lowest price.

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